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My interest lies in how materials such as brick, wood, and stone have been deliberately manipulated to convey 'authenticity and tradition' within institutions like museums, schools, and libraries. I am intrigued by the historical manipulations and contexts of these processes and how these processes have been maintained until present. I research the methods used by institutions to meet the criteria of 'old', 'archaic', and 'antique', by breaking bricks and windows, grinding stones, and painting them in Sterling Memorial Library (SML. Yale University, New Haven, CT, United States). Furthermore, I aim to spark a dialogue on material aesthetics in contemporary institutional settings integrating existing urban scenery around the architecture.
I not only engage with the monumental nature of architecture but also with the monumental nature of the ‘archive’ preserved within it. Institutional archives frequently uphold narratives that are based on dominant, centralized, and authoritative viewpoints. My practice aims not only to uncover scattered facts within textual, written archives but also to explore how such facts transition from being part of a commemorative archive to becoming movable objects, and how authoritative elements could be integrated with everyday objects as a way of resisting the monumental nature of the archive. I work on the possibility of ‘sensing’ archives through fleeting and incomplete bodies, rather than through a modern, privileged visual system and textual culture.

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